2015 Summer Research Processing Memo

A Memo from the Provost and Cheif Academic Officer.

Official Memo


As the spring semester is coming to an end, I would like everyone to begin planning for summer activity. Many faculty, staff and students will spend the summer months working on sponsored research projects. I would like all summer activity to be initiated and submitted in PeopleSoft before May 8, 2015. Please begin reviewing your summer work plans, Grants Management Report, and meeting with your Grants Analyst in Research Administrative Services to review available budgets. It is my intention that we have all Position ePARs fully approved prior to the end of the academic year. ALL Position ePARs must flow through your school/college budget officer for submittal into the ePAR system. If you need any assistance related to this process please contact any of the following individuals:


Contact Phone Number Office/Department
Brittney Allen (202) 806-2234 Office of the Provost
Andre Powell (202) 806-2054 Finance
Maya Shih (202) 806-6205 Office of Research Development
Dana Hector (202) 806-4759 Research Administrative Services
Joan Everett (202) 806-2061 Payroll
Michelle Moone (202) 806-2930 HR Compensation


General processing guidelines and other infomration can be found in the official memo.