Manage An Award

Effective Management of Awards

If the planning, development and submission of your proposal has resulted in an award, now it's time to consider all the various aspects of managing your funding for the maximum results. Research Administrative Services can help you throughout this complex, yet rewarding, process.

Key Areas of Successful Award Management

While the many areas you will be managing to keep your funding compliant and on track may seem intimidating, keep in mind that Research Administrative Services is always here to lend assistance.

To help bring clarity to your roles and responsibilities as project leader, the major areas that you will need to initially manage include (but may not be limited to) the following categories:


Once you've received your award, documentation that will be required may include:

  • Notice of Grant Award from Agency
  • Howard University application with proposed budget and cost sharing requirements
  • Subcontractor agreements
  • Contract for consultants $5000 or above
  • Any other supporting documents

Setting up your research accounts is vital in ensuring that you have proper access to funds and can provide absolute transparency and accurate reporting at any given time.

    Set-up: As part of this process, your award will be assigned a Project ID and an accountant will be assigned to your account.

    Spending: The documents you will need for using your funds include:
    • Payment Request Forms
    • Travel Requests & Settlement Forms
    • Special Event Requests & Settlement Forms
    • Petty Cash Requests & Settlement Forms
    • Online requisitions
    Grant Recommendation: you will need to allocate your funds so that funds are distributed to your accounts according to the budget outlined in your proposal.

In order to bring your research team together under the Howard University policies, you will need to work with Research Administrative Services to process your personnel recommendations and hiring requests. In addition, Research Administrative Services can help in the areas of posting and finding potential experienced new hire candidates.