External Grant Administration

Research Administrative Services provides support for faculty interested in procuring funds for research from sources outside of the University. The quantity of awards granted to the University through external sources is dependent on the quality of proposals submitted.

The Sponsored Research Certification Program will ensure that proposals submitted by the University will be competitive and help the Research Enterprise meet and exceed its goals.

Sponsored Research Certification Program
The growth in institutional research and the dynamic nature of federal regulations, as well as new Howard University policies and procedures resulting from trends and practices in the research community, have resulted in increased complications for pre- and post-award administration. In order to ensure that the University complies with federal regulations, a MANDATORY sponsored research certification program was developed.

The primary aim of the Sponsored Research Certification Program is to provide the University's research community with the necessary training to secure and manage sponsored research projects successfully.

Who Should Be Certified?
ALL Principal Investigators, central office staff, departmental personnel, and others in the University's research community who support sponsored research activities, are urged to become certified as early as possible. This will help the University advance toward its goals of sponsored program growth and enhanced compliance.

RAS will be reviewing the pace at which individuals achieve certification. Individuals who have not achieved certification before July 1 2010, run the risk of disqualification from participation in sponsored program activities.

Goals of the Sponsored Research Certification Program

  • Better serve the mission of the research enterprise at Howard University;
  • Increase efficiency in sponsored programs management by training PI/PDs and staff in best practices adapted to Howard University;
  • Assure compliance with Howard University's policies and sponsor requirements by disseminating knowledge about Federal cost accounting principles and other regulations; and
  • Increase collaboration among research units and leverage the expertise of internal experts and best practices.
Ultimately, the internal certification of those involved in the research community will enable the University to reach and sustain a level of financial, program, and regulatory performance reflective of our stellar service as a research institution.

Program Description
The curriculum comprises of three levels. Level I covers a basic core curriculum and is considered essential for all faculty and staff involved in sponsored program activity. Levels II and III are each focused on special areas of interest based on individual responsibilities and interests.

Each level consists of a series of modules. Each module contains core material, short case studies, and additional reference information. The levels build on each other to assist the research community in becoming proficient in sponsored program administration.

Participants in the program will receive a certificate of completion they pass a test with 80% accuracy at the end of each level. Individuals will be able to take a test as many times as necessary to attain a passing grade.


Program Benefits
This program will provide broad-based skills and knowledge in areas of pre- and post-award administration, thereby:

  • Developing careers in research administration;

  • Improving compliance with institutional policies and procedures, federal regulations, and sponsor requirements;

  • Increasing efficiency;

  • Building competencies;

  • Increasing sponsored program activity and publication of results to advance knowledge;

  • Enhancing educational opportunities for students, thus adding to the 21st Century workforce;

  • Expanding research and public service activities;

  • Streamlining and improving the research environment; and minimizing risk to individuals and the University.