Research Policies

Here you'll find the policies that govern all key aspects of awards set-up, funding, management, spending and closeout.

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600-001 Identification of Funding Sources view PDF
600-002 Sponsored Programs Conflict of Interest view PDF Revised 03/10/2010
600-003 Proposal Development and Submission view PDF Revised 03/10/2010
600-004 Institutional Committee Approval view PDF Revised 03/10/2010
600-005 Limited Submission Proposal view PDF Revised 03/17/2009

These policies contain the information you need to know in order to successfully create and submit a grant proposal according to Howard University requirements.

600-006 Award Acceptance & Setup view PDF Revised 01/30/09
600-007 Sponsored Programs vs. Gifts view PDF
600-008 Advance Account/Pre-Award Spending view PDF Revised 03/10/2010
600-009 Howard University Intellectual Property view PDF
600-010 Export Controls and Embargoes view PDF
600-011 Principal Investigator Transfer view PDF Revised 04/03/2009

These policies contain important information that will help guide you through the procedures necessary to verify your award and set-up the financial accounts you’ll need to utilize funding.

600-012 Cost Sharing view PDF Revised 04/03/2009
600-013 Subcontract Execution and Approval view PDF Revised 01/30/2009
600-014 Subrecipient Monitoring view PDF Revised 01/29/2009
600-015 Direct and Indirect Cost Charging view PDF Revised 04/03/2009
600-016 Prior Approval view PDF Revised 04/2/2009
600-017 Effort Reporting view PDF Revised 08/08/2012
600-018 Personnel Issues in Sponsored Programs Hiring view PDF Revised 04/02/2009
600-019 Student Stipends and Tuition Reimbursement view PDF Revised 07/01/2008
600-020 Budget Revisions view PDF Revised 01/30/2009
600-021 Sponsored Program Purchasing view PDF Revised 01/30/2009
600-022 Service Centers view PDF
600-023 Subrecipient Invoice Review view PDF Revised 01/01/2008
600-024 Sponsored Programs Internal Controls view PDF Revised 04/03/2009
600-025 Cash Management view PDF Revised 02/18/2010
600-026 Program and Interest Income view PDF
600-027 Residual Funds view PDF
600-028 Sponsored Program Equipment Management view PDF Revised 04/18/2007
600-029 Cost Transfers view PDF
600-030 Sponsored Programs Accounting Adjustment view PDF Revised 04/30/2009
600-031 Invoicing and Letter of Credit view PDF Revised 04/30/2009
600-032 Accounts Receivable view PDF Revised 03/10/2010
600-033 Management Reporting view PDF
600-034 Sponsored Programs Record Retention view PDF
600-035 Dissemination of Audit Results view PDF
600-036 Financial Status Reporting view PDF Revised 03/10/2010
600-037 Award Close-Out view PDF Revised 03/10/2010

Here you’ll find Howard University policies pertaining to all key aspect of spending and financial management of your research funds, which helps ensure transparency and compliance. You’ll also find policies to aid in reporting and closeout responsibilities.