Research Infrastructure in Minority Institutions

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Stella Akpuaka, M.S., B.S., A.S., Certificate (Education)

Assistant Professor Nursing and Allied Health

Research Interests: Teenage pregnancy, maternal drug abuse affects on pregnancy, effects of cultural practices on maternal-newborn health.

Derek Perkins, M.P.H., B.S., A.S.

Associate Professor Radiology

Research Interests: HIV/AIDS, Breast Cancer, Illiteracy


Elmira Asongwed, M.S., BSN

Associate Professor Nursing and Allied Health, UDC

Research Interests: Why associate degree nursing graduates pursue the BSN. Effects of mentoring on student performance (nursing education courses and licensing examination).


McDonald Kpadeh, Ph. D. (Candidate) M. Ed., B.S., Certificate (X-ray Technology)

Associate Professor Medical Radiology, UDC

Research Interests: Health Policy, International Development.


Angela Bradford, Ph.D., M.S., B. Music

Assistant Professor Languages and Communication Disorders

Research Interests: Normal vs pathological language and cognitive-linguistic aging among minority populations.


Susie Cato, M.S.N., M.A.S.S., B.S.N.

Associate Professor Nursing and Allied Health

Research Interests: (1) Older adults & quality of care (2) Diabetes and African Americans (3) Hypertension; (4) Aging challenges (5) Medication misuse and older adults (6) Elder abuse (7) Staffing in long term institutions (8) Older adults who are uninformed about Medicare.


Janet Akintola, M.A., B.S., A.S.

Associate Professor Respiratory Therapy

Research Interests: Compliance issues of asthma management among African American patients in the District of Columbia, by: (1) Defining the magnitude of the problem; (2) what are the determinants of the problem; (3) kind of programs required to reverse the non-compliance trend; (4) means of monitoring the success or failure of the program.

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