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More Diplomats is Aim of HU-State Dept. Agreement

Howard University and the U.S. Department of State have agreed to work cooperatively on a series of measures designed to attract and prepare a larger number of minorities for the U.S. diplomatic service.

A document titled “Principles of Cooperation” incorporating these understandings was signed in the historic Treaty Room on the Seventh Floor of the State Department on December 19, 2000, by President H. Patrick Swygert, representing Howard, and U.S. Secretary of State Madeliene K. Albright.

In a surprise appearance, Secretary of State designate Colin Powell also attended the ceremony which took place before a high level standing-room-only audience, including, among numerous others, Congressman Charles Rangel of New York, Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, Dr. William B. Bader of the State Department’s Educational and Cultural Division, Ambassador Ruth Davis, the highest ranking African American career officer in the Department, other U.S. Ambassadors, and several HU Foreign Affairs Fellows, deans, directors, department chairs, and professors from Howard.

Serving as master of ceremonies was Ambassador Marc Grossman who in his capacity as Director General has responsibility for recruitment, retention, and promotions in the diplomatic service.

In opening remarks, President Swygert said Howard welcomes the

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The President and Secretary of State prepare to sign the “Principles of Cooperation” as Congressman Charles Rangel looks on.

Secretary of State Colin Powell surrounded by greeters and well wishers in the Treaty Room of The Department of State where he made a surprise appearance to witness President H. Patrick Swygert and Powell’s predecessor Madeleine Albright sign Principles of Cooperation between Howard University and Department of State.

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