Telling you about a typical day as a Ralph J. Bunche International Affairs Summer Enrichment Program group leader would be difficult. Our activities changed daily, kept us well entertained and saved us from even a moment of boredom. On the one hand, we were directly responsible for organizing panel discussions, visits to Embassy row, and round table group meetings on the conflict in Sierra Leone. On the other hand, we ourselves benefited greatly from the guest speakers who included a representative of the Peace Corps, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and an American Ambassador among many others. More importantly, the opportunity to engage so many bright and eager high school students in symposia at the Center, meetings on the Hill and at the World Bank, and social activities around DC, not only forced us to think critically about international relations but also allowed us to serve as a future resource to them in mentorship capacities Khulood Kandil, now a senior, has made great use of me in her college decision-making process. As you can imagine, an assemblage of compelling professionals from many areas of international relations, brilliant students from quite a few parts of the world, and engaging and experienced group leaders could only produce an exciting intellectual and social dynamic. I certainly appreciate my inability to describe a typical day at the program but will say that we went home each night exhausted and looking forward to the adventures of the following day.


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