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Pickering Fellows, exam passers, and honor students pose with Secretary Colin Powell following the announcement ceremony at the State Department. DIR June Carter Perry is on the left.

Rangel Fellows Competition Will Be Announced Soon

Competition will begin soon in the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellowships Program, according to Bunche Center officials.

The Center will be seeking to identify the first cohort of outstanding undergraduate and graduate students who have an interest in pursuing Foreign Service careers in the U.S. Department of State. Competition will be open to students in their sophomore year and to those who are seniors at the time of application.

Those selected are expected to begin their studies as juniors and as graduate students in the 2003-2004 academic year, Bunche Center officials said.

The Rangel Fellowships will include tuition, room, board, and mandatory fees, reimbursement

for books, and travel. The two year experience will include internships abroad as well as in the US.

Each successful candidate is obligated to a minimum of four and one half years in an appointment as a Foreign Service Officer.

U.S. citizenship is an eligibility requirement. Applicants also must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or higher on a 4.0 scale, which is the minimum level that must be maintained in order to keep the Rangel award.

The announcement of this competition will be made during the fall, according to the Bunce Center, with the expectation of an application deadline in early January 2003.

Toledo Spanish Program

HU Students with Spanish specialties may be interested in internship opportunities in Toledo, Spain.

The Arcadia University Center for Education Abroad Program is offering internships in Toledo for individuals wishing to combine a Spanish work environment with study.

The internship is worth 3 academic credits with cooperating institutions and comprised 1 1/2 hours per week of in-class instruction and 7 hours per week at the internship site.

Students supplement their internship with regular course work at the Fundacion Jose Oretega y Gassett.

They may live at the Fundacion or engage in homestays.

In order to qualify, students must be fluent in Spanish and have prior work experience or related coursework in the field into which they wish placement. They must be accepted into the program in Toledo.

Professors and student interested in this opportunity should contact Kristen E. Haase, MidAtlantic Program Representative, The Center for Education Abroad at Arcadia University, Grayling Avenue, Narberth, PA. 19072; or e-mail address: Kristenhasse@yahoo.com.

HU Professor
Returns From
Special State Tour

Dr. Michael Frazier

Political science professor Dr. Michael Frazier has returned to campus from a year's leave on special assignment in the U.S. Department of State.

Formerly director of graduate studies in political science, Dr. Frazier spent the 2001-02 academic year as Foreign Affairs Officer/Visiting Scholar in the Office of European Security and Political Affairs; the Office of Nordic and Baltic Affairs; and the Office of North Central European Affairs in the State Department.

During an intensive period of work, he served as an acting desk officer, a panel member of the Defense Trade Security Initiative; did critiques of proposed NATO expansion and an assessment study of the Northern European Initiative; and produced policy papers on presidential decrees.

In connection with these various assignments and other activities, Dr. Frazier traveled during the year to Norway, Canada, Belgium, Latvia, Sweden, and Slovenia.

"This was a very demanding but satisfying experience," Dr. Frazier said. "It put this political scientist in the thick of things as opposed to the theoretical side." The "enrichment," he said will no doubt redound to the benefit of students in his HU classrooms where he resumes teaching in the fall.

A product of Virginia State University, the University of Cincinnati, and the University of Maryland, where he earned his doctorate in government and politics, Dr. Frazier has served as an advisor at the Pentagon and, on his previous leave from Howard, was a member of the faculty at the National Defense University.

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