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Students Serving As Interns on Four Continents

A record number of ten Howard University students are interning abroad in as many US diplomatic installations on five continents this summer.

The students, all prospective candidates for careers in international affairs, will hold assignments in US embassies and consulates, according to Ms. June Carter Perry, Diplomat-in- Residence at Howard. Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia are the

destinations for these future diplomats, some of whom have never before traveled abroad.

In addition, seven HU students will participate in internships at the State Department in Washington, and two will serve in the Stay-in-School Program, also fostered by the Department of State.

Cooperation with the Department of State is in line with the

Nadia Mirza, who has studied abroad in several countries, including Cuba, Spain, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, shares some of her experiences in the Bunche Center Library with Julia Miles, a senior in the School of Business, and doctoral candidate (sociology) Walter Hosey as they prepare to join a group of students going on a cultural tour to Mexico

German Fulbrighters Visit HU Counterparts

On May 15, twelve German university administrators visited Howard under the auspices of the Fulbright Program in Germany. They were a part of a group of 26 visiting institutions of higher learning in the US.

Dr. Paul E. Logan, Professor of German, arranged the program for the visitors at the Ralph J. Bunche International Affairs Center, co-sponsor of the event.

Interested in different aspects of university administration at selected colleges and universities in the U.S., the group was greeted and witnessed presentations on governance by Provost A. Toy Caldwell-Colbert and Associate Provost Joseph P. Reidy.

Mr. Raymond Archer;

These were followed by presentations on student affairs, engineering, architecture, and computer sciences, Dean James Johnson; sciences, Dr. Winston Anderson; the newly developing undergraduate major in international affairs, Dr. Jeanne Toungara; the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center Dr. Thomas battle; the African Burial Site Project, Professor Mark Mack, Curator; international student relations, Ms. Grace Ansah-Birikorang; and study abroad, Ms. Betty Aikens.

The visitors represented institutions of higher education in Munich, Berlin, Darmstadt, Augsburg, Leipzig, Tuebingen Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bremen, Viadnina, Bochum, and Cologne.
Dr. Logan reported the visiting group’s evaluation of the visit to Howard as "overwhelmingly successful.

"Principles of Cooperation" between HU and the State Department. Funding is being provided largely under the appropriation resulting from the initiative by Congressman Charles Rangel and also by a grant from the Una Chapman Cox Foundation.

The HU students were selected from hundreds of applications to the State Department from around the country, according to Ms. Perry who coordinated efforts at HU.

"Our students," she said, "will work hand-in-hand with US Foreign Service Officers on political and economic affairs relevant to foreign policy matters."

Headed for European countries are Allison Mills, Italy; Percy Dyer, Russia; and Stephane Alrivy, Turkey. Fonta Gilliam will intern at the US Embassy in Canada. Assigned to Guyana is Shomari Wade; and Madelina Young will go to the Philippines.

The largest single group of interns will serve in Africa, including Thomas Dominique, Ghana; Solange Garvey, Botswana; Kevin Harper, The Gambia; and Khalieliah Banks, Kenya.

Serving in the State Department, Washington, will be LaNisa Kitchener, International Organizations; Dalisa Hutchinson, Economic and Business Affairs; Blaine McShall, Diplomatic Security; Ava Carter, Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor; Brakkton Booker, International Visitor Program; David Whitted, Western Hemisphere Affairs; and Solange Garvey, International Organizations. Ms. Garvey will begin her domestic internship following a summer stint in Botswana.

Centrina Jackson and Nona Flowers will, respectively, work with the Department this summer in the Office of Civil Rights and the Office of the Inspector General.

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