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HU professors from the Medical School and from the College of Arts and Sciences are engaged in a four-week academic enhancement program in Northern Ethiopia, Dr. Winston Anderson. Principal Investigator has announced. The Tigray Educational Bureau is the host for these activities in Ethiopia.

In addition to activities in subject matter areas, HU personnel also are addressing problems on HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases.

Supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of State, professors in English,

mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics are engaged in comprehensive teacher training programs in Ethiopia to modernize curricula in these areas and also course content.

Faculty members involved in the program in Ethiopia include: Dr. Tepper Gill and Suyoum Getu, mathematics; Enid bogle, Horace Morris, and Abrahm Ford, English; Richard Mills, Broderick Eribo, and Amha Asseffa, biology; and William Hercules and Kalayu Belay from Florida A&M University, physics.

Dr. Kunle Kassim, department of

microbiology, is program director.

Dr. Kassim, Asseffa, and Eribo will conduct workshops on HIV/AIDS, other infectious diseases and human health during the group’s stay in Ethiopia. Dr. Laverne Gill is chronicling activities and highlights of the program, which USAID, along with Tigray Educational Bureau, and Howard, is co-sponsoring.

Although based in Tigray, the enhancement program is being made available to teachers from all regions of Ethiopia, Dr. Anderson said.

Professor Nwanze
Goes to Brussels

At the invitation of the Atlantic Council of the United States, Professor Michael Nwanze, Department of Political Science, participated in the Council’s Academic Associates Study Tour of NATO and the European Headquarters in Brussels, July 7-12.

The tour was made possible by grants from the political science department and the Ralph J. Bunche International Affairs Center.

The study consisted mainly of briefings by senior officials of NATO and the European Union as well as meetings with representatives of NATO and EU member States.

Professor Nwanze also visited the Atlantic Council Association at the Hague to make arrangements for a NATO simulation exercise to take place in Prague during the NATO Summit November, 2002. Some 200 delegates from NATO and EAPC member states are expected to take part in this exercise.

This in an extension of the Model NATO Conference annually hosted here by Howard and Kent State University, Ohio.

Participants Come
From Afar

Selena Bundy
Two participants came from abroad to enroll in the Summer Enrichment Program conducted here in May-June. They were Ms. Selena Bundy.

Ms. Rodriguez came from Niger, where she is enrolled in a Boston University Study Abroad Program; and Ms. Selena Bundy came from Schweinfurt, Germany, where as a banker, she attends one of the University of Maryland’s Overseas Colleges.

A senior, majoring in African Studies, Ms. Rodriguez is looking forward to yet another study abroad experience in Europe during the coming semester.

Ms. Bundy, an employee of the Bank of America as chief of Customer Service, has lived in Germany for the past eleven years. The bank serves mainly military personnel (from the base at Latenburg, some 11 miles away), their dependents, contractors, federal government employees, and teachers. She attends college part time.

"A diplomatic service career wouldn’t be bad," says Ms. Bundy, with a smile. "It certainly would be different." Ms. Rodriguez heartily agrees but wants first to complete her studies.

Both overseas participants learned about the HU Rangel Program via the Internet.

Trade Negotiations at Howard University

Trade Negotiations between nations normally take place in foreign affairs offices or in other government buildings.

This precedent was broken back in September 2001, when negotiations between the U.S. and Chile took place on the Howard University campus. The School of Law provided a venue for the negotiations in its new technologically advanced library building.

At issue was a comprehensive free trade agreement between the two sides, dealing primarily with market access for industrial and agricultural goods.

Negotiations were halted temporarily because of the events of 9/11.

A Spokesman for the Ralph J. Bunche International Center commented, "We at the Bunche Center are pleased that HU was the setting for these international sessions; and we are most grateful to the law school for its cooperation in providing a venue and for its extraordinary measures of support."

In recognition of the importance of the event, the head of delegation from the US Trade Representative’s Office presented the Bunche Center with a USTR plate bearing the presidential seal.

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