Make Miner Major:   The Dream Keepers!
Howard University School of Education
2nd Annual Gala and Fundraiser

Howard University School of Education at the Miner Building

The Howard University School of Education celebrates 125 years of preparing educators and human service professionals committed to eradicating education and social disparities. In 2007, the historic Miner Building which housed the prestigious Miner Teachers College (renowned for producing generations of distinguished educators) was designated for the School of Education by Howard University President H. Patrick Swygert. With their interwoven histories, the Howard University School of Education and Miner Teachers College have been at the forefrount of the nation's struggle to equalize educational opportunity and life chances for children and other citizens. Today, the Howard University School of Education at the Miner Building boasts six nationally recognized programs; alumni who are members of the National Academy of Education and recipients of ASCD's Young Educator of the Year Award, the Washington Post's Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award, and the U.S. Department of Education's Terrel Bell Award for Outstanding School Leadership. The School's seminal research organ, the Journal of Negro Education, celebrates more than 80 years in continuous publication as a scholarly journal dedicated to studying issues incident to the education of Blacks throughout the Diaspora. And, the School is one of the University's largest producers of PhD recipients.

Thank you for joining our alumni and friends as we raise $1 million to support renovation of the Miner Building and generate scholarship and fellowship funds for our talented students. Your donation will help our students become seeds of transformation wherever they serve!

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