Elementary Education

  • Program Report 2008
  • Description of Program

Master of Education (MEd) in Elementary Education
(5-year program, 164 credit hours)

The undergraduate candidate for the baccalaureate degree (128 credit hours) with 36 credits in English, history, mathematics, or Afro-American studies is eligible for the MEd in the 5-year program in elementary education.  Successful adherence to the 5-year program scheme is necessary for admittance. Formal application and admission to the graduate school is required in order to complete the 5th year.

Master of Education (MEd) in Elementary Education
(36 credit hours)

The MEd in elementary education is designed to develop professional expertise leading to initial certification for grades (1-6). This program is especially constructed for students without previous practical experiences in teaching.  The program enables the student to acquire skills in instructional strategies, knowledge of curriculum development, assessment, and research design.

  • Goals and Objectives