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Faculty Profiles

Kenneth Anderson, Ph.D.
Kenneth Alonzo Anderson, PhD
Associate Professor
ASA 205
curriculum vita

PhD, North Carolina State University,
Curriculum and Instruction (2005)

Helen Bond, Ph.D.
Helen Bond, PhD
Associate Professor of Elementary Education, Director of CETLA
iLab, Suite 244
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PhD, Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Human Development (2001)

Research: Education in emergencies, international education and curriculum development, human rights and peace education, and the education of women and girls.

Wilma Bonner, Ph.D.
Wilma Bonner, EdD
Director of Teacher Education
Miner Building, Suite 101
curriculum vita

EdD, George Washington University, Educational Administration and Curriculum Development (1980)

Research: Instructional supervision, principalship, urban school reform
Gerunda Hughes, PhD
Professor of Secondary Education
Miner Building, Suite 111
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PhD, Howard University , Educational Psychology (1997)

Research: Mathematics Education

Marilyn M. Irving, EdD
Professor of Elementary and Secondary Education
ASA 126
curriculum vita

EdD, Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas, Higher Education Administration (1987)

Research: Elementary and Secondary Science Education

Wilfred Johnson, Ph.D.
James Jackson, PhD
Associate Professor of Special Education, Coordinator of the Special Education Program
ASA 200
curriculum vita

PhD, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Special Education (1992)

Research: Identifying stress in children and youth and how it impacts education and behavior; classroom ecology and its effect on learning; using the arts as a teaching tool for students in both regular and special education classes; and effective strategies to promote inclusive education for students with special needs.

Vinetta C. Jones, Ph.D.
Kellee D. Jenkins, PhD
Assistant Professor of Literacy Education
ASA 206
curriculum vita

PhD, University of Pittsburgh, Literacy, Language, and Culture (2011)

Research: The integration of discipline specific literacy as a part of a comprehensive school reform; the Influence of teacher beliefs about literacy instructional practices in the disciplines; community development through the use of literacy-focused programming; teacher preparation programs; adolescent literacy


Vinetta C. Jones, Ph.D.
Vinetta C. Jones, PhD
Professor of Secondary Education, Coordinator of Secondary Education Program
ASA 202
curriculum vita

PhD, University California—Berkeley, Human Development and Learning (1981)

Research: Development and evaluation of education reforms Education of diverse populations, especially in the areas of mathematics and science. She served for eight year at the College Board as Executive Director of EQUITY 2000, where she led one of the largest and most successful education reform programs in the country.  Inducted into the “Education Hall of Fame” by the National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) at its annual conference.

Deena Khalil, Ph.D.
Deena Khalil, PhD
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
ASA 208
curriculum vita

PhD Rutgers The State University of New Jersey, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Urban Systems:  Urban Education and Math Education (2012)

Research:   The challenges of recruiting, developing, and retaining highly effective teachers, particularly STEM teachers, who prefer to serve in either urban schools or in education systems with a predominantly marginalized student population.

Catherine Quinlan
Catherine Quinlan, PhD
ASA 206
curriculum vita