Admission to Elementary Education Teacher Certification Program

Pre-admission Requirements (Beginning Fall 2007)

  1. Students must be enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences in the approved five-year major areas (Afro-American Studies, English, History, or Mathematics).
  2. Students must earn a grade of "B" or better in ELEM 001 Introduction to Teaching.
  3. Students must take the PRAXIS I: Academic Skills Assessments Examination prior to the beginning of the junior year. (Information about PRAXIS is available in Room 104, School of Education).
  4. Students must go to Center for Academic Reinforcement (CAR) in Room 110 or ASB Building for pre-test before they take the Praxis I tests.

Formal Admission Requirements (Third Year)

  1. Students will be formally admitted to the teacher certification program by the second semester of the junior year. Application should be made by October 1 of the junior year for December admission. Applications are available in the Office of Teacher Education oand Office of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Room 203, ASA Building.
  2. Students will be required to write an essay on their reason(s) for wanting to enter the teaching profession. The Department of Curriculum and Instruction will interview the applicants.
  3. Students must have a 2.7 grade point average (GPA) for formal admission or 2.5 for provisional admission.
  4. Students must have the recommendation of their major department/departmental adviser.
  5. Students must meet the requirements for Praxis I examination in order to be admitted into the program. Passing Praxis I scores must be inaccordance with the requirement of the state in which each applicant is seeking certificate. Below is the Praxis I passing scores required in the District of Columbia.
    Test Format
    Reading (paper & pencil)
    Writing (paper & pencil)
    Mathematics (paper & pencil)

Retention in Teacher Education programs

  1. Students will be assigned an academic adviser in the School of Arts and Sciences for undergraduate study and an adviser in C&I for graduate study in the fifth year. Students are expected to maintain contact with their advisers.
  2. Students must maintain a minimum of 2.7 GPA overall and 3.0 in all professional course (ELEM, ECED, and EDUC) at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Admission to Graduate School (Fifth Year)

Admission to the School of Education graduate program (i.e., fifth year of study) reuqires a formal application through the Office of Graduate Admissions. Minimum GPA requiremnt for full admission: 2.7. This application process should be implemented in the semester prior to receiving the Bachelor's degree. It will adhere to regular admissions criteria for the School of Education. Further information may be obtained from the Chairman of the Department of Curriculum and instruction (Room 203, ASA) or from the Director of Teacher Education.

Exit Requirements

  • Professional Portfolio
  • Action Research Paper
  • Passing the follwing examinations:
    • Expository Writing (1st semester)
    • Departmental Comprehensives - At least one semester prior to graduation
    • Praxis II - In accordance with (District of Columbia Scores requirement)
  • Academic Good Standing:

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 must be maintained throughout the program of study. A student who accumulates nine (9) or more semester hours of grades below B shall be suspended form the graduate program. This provision applies to each of the several degree programs, but is not cumulative from one degree to another.