Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Secondary Education (English)
Master of Education (MED) Degree
36 Hours

FOUNDATIONS (6 semester hours required. Select one from each area.)
  Psychological Foundations
    HUDE 201 Human Development (3)
    HUDE 220 Advanced Educational Psychology (3)
  Sociological Foundations  
    EDUC 367 Diversity in Teacher Education (3)
    EDAP 231 Multicultural Education Issues and Trends (3)
    EDAP 252 History of Black Education in the United States (3)
    EDAP 230 Sociology of Urban Education (3)
RESEARCH SKILLS (6 semester hours required.)
    HUDE 205 Introduction to Statistical Methods (3)
    EDUC 379 Research in Curriculum and Teaching (3)
AREA OF SPECIALIZATION (24 semester hours required.)
    EDUC 289 Introduction to Teacher Education (3)
    EDUC 274 Diagnosis and Remedial Techniques in Reading (6)
    EDUC 260 Introduction to Special Education (3)
    EDUC 216 Advanced Instructional Technology (3)
    EDUC 272 Introduction to Assessment and Measurement in Teaching (3)
    EDUC 293 Teaching of English (3)
INTERNSHIP (6 semester hours required.)  
    EDUC 296 Internship (3)
    EDUC 297 Internship (3)
    Professional Portfolio  
    Passing the following examinations  
Expository Writing (1st semester)  
Departmental Comprehensives - At least one semester prior to graduation  
English Praxis II Exams (Content and Pedagogy)
    Academic Good Standing  

Professional Education Courses (30 credit hours)

  SEED 001 Introduction to Teaching   SEED 110 Educational Technology and Computers
  SEED 005 Educational Psychology   SEED 196 Teaching Social Studies
  SEED 039 Social Foundations of Urban Education   SEED 160 Improvement of Reading
  SEED 150 Survey and Education of Exceptional Children   SEED 135 Student Teaching and Management