College of Arts & Sciences
Department of History
Minor in Professional Teacher Education

The requirements for the B.S. Degree in Teacher Education with History as a major include the following components:

  General Education Courses: 66 credit hours
  History Requirement: 31 credit hours
  Professional Education Component: 30 credit hours
  Total Program Hours: 127 credit hours


The following is a listing of courses in the above areas:

General Education Courses (66 credit hours)

  FRSM 001 Freshman Orientation   PHED 011 Weight Training
  ENG 002 English Composition   PHED 159 Health Science
  ENG 003 English Composition   MATH 006 College Algebra I
  HUCO 101 Principles of Speech   MATH 010 College Algebra II
    Foreign Language I   HIST 006 Black Diaspora
    Foreign Language II   CLAS 014 Humanities
    Foreign Language III   CLAS 109 Clissical Mythology
    Foreign Language IV   MUSC 100 Music Appreciation
  PHIL 051 Principles of Reasoning   ARTH Art Appreciation
  PHED 002 Beginning Swimming   PSYC 050 Intro to Psychology
  PHED 007 Volleyball   COMP 004 Computers and Society
  SOCI 001 Intro to Sociology   AFRO 005 Afro-American Studies I

Social Science Component (History Subject ARea - 31 credit hours)

  HIST 003 Introduction to History   HIST 034 19th Century Colloquium
  HIST 083 Senior Colloquium   HIST 043 Colloquium on the Diaspora
  HIST 009 U.S. History I   HIST 153 Seminar in U.S.
  HIST 005 Black Diaspora I   HIST 152 Seminar in African Diaspora
  HIST 140 Caribbean History I   HIST 101 World Geography
  HIST 141 Caribbean History II      

Professional Education Courses (30 credit hours)

  SEED 001 Introduction to Teaching   SEED 110 Educational Technology and Computers
  SEED 005 Educational Psychology   SEED 196 Teaching Social Studies
  SEED 039 Social Foundations of Urban Education   SEED 160 Improvement of Reading
  SEED 150 Survey and Education of Exceptional Children   SEED 135 Student Teaching and Management