Master of Education (MEd) Degree


The Master of Education (MEd) degree program in Special Education is designed to provide eligible candidates with the necessary skills, knowledge, and dispositions for serving students who have special learning needs. These candidates will be certified upon program completion. They will also be prepared to teach, counsel, consult, collaborate, and serve as a resource to general educators, agencies, and families of special needs learners.


Completion of the Master of Education Degree requires approximately two (2) years of full-time study. Courses are available primarily during the afternoon and evening, a limited number of courses are offered during the summer. A candidate may request that a summer course be taught during the course submission period of the spring semester, prior to the summer session the candidate desires to enroll. There must be at least 5 enrollees in a summer course in order to constitute a class. Required field based courses are offered during the regular school day. This schedule provides the maximum amount of time required for field experiences in DCPS schools.


  Foundations 6 hours  
  Research and Statistics 6 hours  
  Area of Specialization (Required Courses) 24 hours  
  TOTAL 36 hours  


  • Minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.70 on a 4.00 scale
  • An accurate and complete graduate program application packet containing the following items:
    • An autobiographical sketch
    • A Statement of Interest (300 words minimum)
    • Three letters of recommendation
    • An official transcript of all College/University courses completed
    • Passing scores on Praxis I (District of Columbia Scores requirement)
  • Application deadlines: Fall Feb 15th; Spring, Nov. 1st; Summer, March 15th


  • Professional Portfolio
  • Action Research Paper
  • Passing the follwing examinations:
    • Expository Writing (1st semester)
    • Departmental Comprehensives - At least one semester prior to graduation
    • Praxis II - In accordance with (District of Columbia Scores requirement)
  • Academic Good Standing:

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 must be maintained throughout the program of study. A student who accumulates nine (9) or more semester hours of grades below B shall be suspended form the graduate program. This provision applies to each of the several degree programs, but is not cumulative from one degree to another.


Contact: Special Education Program Coordinator  
  Department of Curriculum and Instruction  
  School of Education, Howard University  
  2441 Fourth Street, NW  
  Washington, DC 20059  
  (202) 806-7343  


FOUNDATIONS - (6 semester hours required. Select one course form each area.)
Psychological Foundations  
  EDUC 220 Advanced Educational Psychology (3)
  HUDE 201 Human Development (3)
Sociological Foundations  
  EDAP 230 Sociology of Urban Education (3)
  EDAP 231 Multicultural Education: Issues and Trends (3)
  EDUC 367 Diversity in Teacher Education (3)
RESEARCH SKILLS - (6 semester hours required)  
  HUDE 205 Introducation to Statistical Methods (3)
  EDUC 379 Research in Curriculum and Teaching (3)
AREA OF SPECIALIZATION - (24 semester hours required.)  
  Required Courses  
  EDUC 260 Introduction to Special Education (3)
  EDUC 264 Behavior Management of Exceptional Children (3)
  EDUC 265 Teaching Exceptional Children (3)
  EDUC 266 Psychology of Exceptional Children (3)
  EDUC 267 Diagnosis & Evaluation of Exceptional Children (3)
  EDUC 274 Diagnosis and Remedial Teaching of Reading (3)
  EDUC 360 Internship in Special Education (6)
  Elective Courses  
    Mental Retardation (MR)  
    EDUC 261 Mental Retardation (3)
    EDUC 263 Curriculum for Persons w/ Mental Retardation (3)
    EDUC 361 Problems and Issues in Special Education (3)
    Learning Disabilities (LD)  
    EDUC 292 Learning Disabilities/Inclusion (3)
    EDUC 363 Seminar I: (Giftedness; Retardation; Learning Disability) (3)
    EDUC 364 Seminar II: (Disadvantage; Social Maladjustment; Learning Disability) (3)
    Emotional Disturbance  
    EDUC 363 Seminar I: (Giftedness; Retardation; Learning Disablity) (3)
    EDUC 364 Seminar II: (Disadvantage; Social Maladjustment; Learning Disability) (3)