Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
EAGLE Doctoral Program Scheme

Fall Courses
Spring Courses
Other Course Requirements

**HUDE 400 - Intermediate Statistics -
3 credits

ELPS 422 -
Seminar in Education Policy - 3 credits
XXX - Electives (Cognates) - 12 credits=4 courses
ELPS 435 - Human Resources Mgmt -
3 credits
ELPS 455 -
Ethics in Decision Making - 3 credits
ELPS 584 -
Internship - 6 credits
ELPS 514 -
Organizational Change -
3 credits
ELPS 518 -
Politics of Education - 3 credits
ELPS 599 - Dissertation Seminar - 3 credits
ELPS 517 -
Workshop on Leadership Development - 3 credits
ELPS 519 -
Information Technology in School Management
ELPS 600 - Dissertation Research - 6 credits
ELPS 520 -
Financial Mgmt in School Administration - 3 credits
ELPS 523 -
Research in Educational Admin - 3 credits
ELPS 521 -
Educational Administration and Governance - 3 credits
HUDE 501 -
Design and Analysis 1 - 3 credits (Another advanced level of Quantitative Research may be substituted upon approval)
ELPS 524 -
Advanced Qualitative Research - 3 credits
ELPS 525 -
Case Law in Public School Administration - 3 credits

*Note - You are strongly encouraged to take both ELPS 524 and HUDE 501 in preparation for your Comprehensive Exam and Dissertation research, however, only one of those courses are required at this time for program completion. The Department of Educational Administration and Policy has no control of course offerings outside of ELPS. Therefore, please note that course offings in HUDE are subject to change.

** HUDE 400 (Intermediate Statistics) is a pre-requisite course for ELPS 523 (Research in Education Administration).

**ELPS 599 (Dissertation Sminar) is a pre-requisite course for ELPS 600 (Dissertation).

Other Exit Requirements

  • Successfully complete all coursework with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA

  • Not accumulate 9 or more semester hours of grades below B

  • Demonstrate competency in the English language as evidenced by a passing score on the Graduate Expository Writing Examination. The Expository Writing Examination must be completed successfully before the student may sit to take the Preliminary Examination.

  • Pass a written Preliminary and Comprehensive examination as prescribed by the faculty of the major department.

  • Complete an approved internship for a minimum of one (1) semester (full-time). The Internship is a full-time mentored experience, under the supervision of a field supervisor in an assigned school, school district, or some other prior approved educational organization.

  • Develop and defend a doctoral dissertation proposal in the major field that demonstrates an ability to organize and present effectively findings and results of research study.

Academic Standards

  1. A student must maintain academic good standing, which is a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale).

  2. A student incurs academic probation when the cumulative grade point average falls below 3.0.

  3. A student who is on academic probation and does not achieve good academic (3.0) standing by the end of the next semester in residence shall be suspended from the graduate program.

  4. A student who accumulates nine (9) or more semester hours of grades below B shall also be suspended from the graduate program.

  5. A student who has been suspended from a graduate program may not be readmitted until one full semester (excluding the summer session) has passed.