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The Center for Academic Reinforcement (CAR)
Message from Director

Valarie Lawson, Ph.D

Welcome Howard University students. As you begin your academic career, I challenge you to bring your enthusiasm for education to our school and community.  Here you will learn to be experts, which carries with it pride and responsibility. Be proud of the excellence you have already achieved, for we are expecting even more excellent accomplishments from you. As Aristotle stated:  “We are what we repeatedly do.”  Therefore, excellence is not solely an act, but a habit. I impel you to make your habits here at Howard University habits that better you, your community, and the intellectual horsepower of this great university.

Again, welcome, and I wish you much success in your educational pursuits.

Thank you,

Valarie Lawson, PhD
Director, Center for Academic Reinforcement
ASB 110
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Center Contact

Ms. Vernelle Malone
Administrative Assistant
ASB 109