Funded Projects

Capstone Institute is a multidisciplinary educational entity that focuses on "educating the whole child" and interlinks expertise with theory in the areas of psychosocial, curriculum and instruction, social work, policy, and community development in order to provide academic interventions, community support services, development, assessment, evaluation, and research. These services are performed by an interdisciplinary team with a demonstrated track record of evidenced-based accomplishments in urban and ethnically diverse schools, districts, and communities.

The District of Columbia Area Writing Project is a local site of the National Writing Project whose purpose is to enrich and empower the lives of PK-12 teachers and their students through writing.

The TRiO program, include the Upward Bound Program, designed to enhance the probability that area youth will pursue postsecondary education; the Upward Bound Math/Science program; and the Student Support Services program.