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TRiO Scholars Program
Program Overview

On the campus of Howard University since 1977, the TRiO Scholars Program, a Student Support Services Program (SSS), assists undergraduates in making a successful transition from secondary to postsecondary education. TRiO Scholars is funded to serve 225 students each year. The goals of the program are to increase participants' retention and graduation rates and to foster an institutional climate, that supports the success of income qualified, first-generation college students and individuals with disabilities.

Our Mission

Howard University has a rich history of opening the door of opportunity and access to higher education for eligible students across the country. To continue the tradition, the Howard University TRiO Scholars Program was developed to promote the academic, social, personal, and professional success of all our students by building a strong sense of community and drawing on resources both within and outside of the program.

Who are TRiO Scholars?

TRiO Scholars are students who understand that academic, social, personal, and professional growth are important keys to success, during and after enrollment at Howard University. Our Scholars and staff develop a strong sense of community and commitment.

Program Benefits

  • Academic and career advisement;
  • Academic tutoring;
  • Professional and peer mentoring;
  • Personal and group counseling;
  • College survival workshops;
  • Graduate school visits and preparation;
  • Assistance with locating and completing financial aid resources;
  • Cultural and social activities to enhance personal and social development

Who is Eligible?

To apply, students must be enrolled at Howard University, a U.S. citizen AND one of the following:

  • Income qualified, or
  • A first-generation college student or a student, or
  • A student with a disability.


Tutor Requests for Current Scholars

If you are in need of tutoring serivces, please click the link below. Once your request has been received, one of our program officers will contact you.

If you are interested in applying to become a tutor, please click the link below. Once your application has been received, one of our program officers will contact you.

Program Staff:

Joseph B. Hill, Director
Tekora Scruggs, Educational Specialist
Kimberly Harris, Counselor
Kendra Malone, Administrative Assistant

Undergraduate Library, Room L-41
Phone: 202.806.5132
Fax: 202.806.5148

How to Apply

Click here to apply online:

Click here for a PDF version of the application (viewable in Adobe Reader, must be printed and completed).