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Upward Bound
Program Overview

On the campus of Howard University since 1965, Howard University Upward Bound (HUB) is one of the originally funded pilot Upward Bound projects. HUB is a college preparatory program for high school students designed to develop the skills and motivation necessary for success at the collegiate level. The program serves 130 students annually.

Program Goals

  • Improve the basic skills required to achieve educational goals;
  • Assist students with the selection of college majors and careers;
  • Improve the skills required for personal, social, and cultural development;
  • Assist students with the educational planning required to achieve higher educational goals.

Program Services

  • Academic, personal, and career counseling;
  • Student assessments to help determine interests, abilities, and academic skills;
  • Instructional classes in English, mathematics, foreign language, science, and computer applications;
  • Assistance with college admissions and financial aid applications;
  • College tours;
  • Cultural and recreational excursions.

Program Requirements

  • Be a U.S. citizen or resident alien;
  • Be a low-income, first-generation college bound student;
  • Attend one of the target junior or senior high schools;
  • Be enrolled in the ninth or tenth grade;
  • Need academic support.

Program Staff:

Joseph B. Hill, Director
Joseph Warrick-Bell, Academic Coordinator
Sabrena Johnson, Counselor
Brenda L. Robin, Administrative Coordinator

Armour J. Blackburn Center, G-18
Phone: 202.806.5132
Fax: 202.806.5148