Alumni Achievement Award Recipient

Mr. James E. Silcott, E.A., B.A.R.C.H., 1957
In the Field of Architecture and Public Service

James E. Silcott is a philanthropic crusader and was one of the first African-American project architects for Los Angeles County and the University of California. He served as project architect for the first medical school at the University of California - Irvine, completing the Basic and Clinical Sciences buildings in 1968. He was also the project architect at the Jules Stein Eye Clinic at the nationally acclaimed UCLA Medical Center.

Retired in 1984 to manage his broad real estate holdings, Mr. Silcott devotes much of his time and efforts to an array of public services. Presently, he is a board member for the Kennard Design Group, the largest black architectural firm west of the Mississippi. An outstanding Los Angeles area planning commissioner, former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan appointed Mr. Silcott to the Zoning Appeals Board and to the South Los Angeles Area Planning Commission. He is also an active member of the National Council of Architectural Boards and the Los Angeles Park Mile Board.

Mr. Silcott was highlighted in the April 2001 Black Enterprise magazine for funding a $1 million scholarship fund at Alma Mater. Through this investment portfolio, Mr. Silcott seeks to give budding architects a head start in their careers. A 1957 graduate of the School of Architecture, Mr. Silcott also created the James. E. Silcott Fund to provide financial assistance to Howard architectural students. Through personal and outside donations, the fund has grown to over $200,000.

According to Mr. Silcott, “I think that the least one can do is remember one’s alma mater. Alma mater is Latin for 'nourishing mother,' and if your mother nourished you and you have become successful, you should ‘give back’ so she may nourish others." This philosophy has inspired Mr. Silcott’s charitable zeal and wisdom to ‘give back’ to his alma mater and to help further the education of students in historically black colleges and universities.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Mr. Silcott resides in Los Angeles.