Suzanne de Passe at Charter Day Convocation

Charter Day
Convocation & Dinner

Commemorating the
139th Anniversary of the
Founding of the University

Charter Day Oratrix:
Ms. Suzanne de Passe
Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer,
de Passe Entertainment

March 3 & 4, 2006

Distinguished Alumni
Award Recipients

Dr. Joseph E. Harris, B.A., 1952; M.A., 1956
In the Fields of Education and International Studies

Honorable Kamala D. Harris, B.A., 1986
In the Fields of Law and Public Service

Mr. Kenneth L. Lattimore
In the Field of Entertainment

Dr. Accie M. Mitchell, M.D., 1965
In the Fields of Medicine and Community Service

Mr. George S. Willie, B.A., 1972
In the Fields of Business and Community Service