The Pledge of Commitment

Conducted by Alumna Shawn M. Harvey
Vice President, Howard University Student Association
B.S., Electrical Engineering, cum laude
College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences

I would ask that all the graduates of ’98, place their right hand over their heart, which is where Howard University will now be with us until the end, and please repeat with me in unison:

I am a graduate of Howard University. I am the bearer of the flame of a Howard University education that has brought light to many generations. It is through the indelible love and support of my family and the courage and sacrifices of my ancestors, that I am here today. I accept the historic trust of their gifts and pledge to lift others who come after me. Howard University is my home, no matter how far I travel from her, no matter how long I am absent from her, Howard University is always here for me. I am defined by the privilege of a Howard University education. I can not fail in life; leadership and service, and the search for truth and right will light my way. My potential contributions to human kind are unlimited, and I will give them freely and in abundance. I am a Howard University graduate. The opportunity of the Howard University experience has conveyed to me a responsibility to assure the strength of this great University. It is only through my support that the Capstone can remain strong and focused. I pledge support and understand that it is not a matter of choice, but one of responsibility. I will never forget that responsibility. I am a graduate of Howard University!