Remarks by Mr. Frank Savage
Chairman, Board of Trsutees

Graduates, parents, honorees, platform guests, faculty, alumni, staff, loyal friends, and supporters of Howard University, on behalf of the board of trustees, welcome to the 135th commencement day. commencement is the high point of the academic year when we celebrate the fruits of our collective effort.

To our commencement speaker- Bishop William Deveaux, Howard Alumnus – welcome home and know that alma mater is proud of you.

Honorees, it is a privilege to acknowledge your many accomplishments, and we are delighted that you are here to share this day with us. we honor ourselves when we honor you.

To the faculty, I extend our most sincere gratitude for your dedication and preparation of our students. be justly proud of this manifestation of your hard work.

To my fellow trustees, especially those who are retiring from the board ,my personal thanks for you devoted service to Howard.

To the parents and families, hallelujah, let’s celebrate – they have made it!

Class of 2003, we look out upon you, young and gifted, poised to make your mark on the world. we feel a great pride in your accomplishments.

You graduate at a time full of both challenge and promise. You shall be expected, as Howard graduates before you, to rise to the occasion. The euphoria of the end of the Cold War has been assailed by forces, which would divide us along religious and ideological lines. We must resist these forces. You are Howard’s contribution to this struggle and you are fully prepared, intellectually and spiritually to take on this responsibility.

You join the Howard men and woman who have helped shape the history and culture of our world. Add to that precious legacy! Embrace your future with confidence that you possess the qualities and skills required to lead and to serve. you are gifted with a Howard education.

You must also secure Howard’s legacy by giving back to your community and contribute to the continued growth of her endowment to ensure she is able to provide an excellent education to those who follow you. Congratulations and good luck. thank you.