Letter to 2010 Graduates from President Sidney A. Ribeau

Dear Graduates of 2010:

Congratulations on your joyous achievement! Graduating from college is a major life accomplishment and whether you are an undergraduate, graduate or professional student, you should be proud. It is even more exciting if you see this as a step toward great successes in the years ahead. You are laying the foundation for a better life for you and your family and, by extension, for others you encounter. The entire Howard University community joins me in celebrating your new beginning.

Your journey to this point may have seemed daunting as you coped with rigorous course loads, dealt with financial challenges or faced other worries that sometimes put your graduation in doubt. Through it all, you remained faithful to your goal—a symbol of your determination and the value you place on your Howard education. The entire family of our great University honors your achievement.

Today, you join extraordinary alumni who have entered the world with a sense of purpose in pursuit of careers, professions and education. You face a tough marketplace and inevitable obstacles, but you are prepared to lead with excellence. We have every confidence that just as you have overcome numerous hurdles to be where you are now, you will make your way through the challenges of the day. In keeping with the traditions of Howard, we expect no less from you.

As you graduate, promise yourself that you will keep alive the finest of our values and traditions, that you will commit to truth and service as your compass and that you will serve the world with distinction. We trust you will recognize that true greatness resides in sincere service to others. Never forget to reach out and give back. Keep alive your love for your Alma Mater and the knowledge that you are part of a great heritage.

We are proud to congratulate you as you complete this defining milestone.


Sidney A. Ribeau