Introduced to the Howard University community in mid-October 2010, the University Policy Office (UPO) manages a coordinated, enterprise-wide policy process that supports Howard University and its mission. The UPO facilitates effective decision-making, promotes effective control over business process and flow, and prevents institutional exposure through a transparent, uniform and inclusive policy management process. The University Policy Office is housed on the 7th floor of the Howard Center.

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Some University policies can be word-searched using the link below to access a Policy Repository. (You will leave the HU website).

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These policies were added to the policy library in April 2014:

400-012 Information Technology Governance Policy - this policy provides a framework for the enterprise, based on the principles of information technology governance, to guide the valuation, creation, storage, use, archiving, and deletion of information technology. (PDF)

500-012 University Hiring Policy - this policy establishes the role of the Office of Human Resources in all non-faculty and faculty hiring decisions. (PDF)

Policy Toolkit

The Policy Toolkit is designed to help you write policies that are clear, well-organized, and compliant with 400-001 The Policy on Policies.

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