Impact Statement Form


The Policy Impact Statement is provided to the University Policy Office as a first step in the policy management process. It provides information to assist in determining whether the policy maker should go to the next step in developing a University policy for consideration by the University Policy Council.


All entries in sections I – VIII must be completed. If a section is not applicable, for example no training or communications are required to implement the policy, please indicate this in the space provided in item VII. Training and Communications.


Policy Title:
Submitted By:
Contact E-mail:
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I. Background

  • What is the general guidance/principles to be communicated to the University community?  Is this a new or revised policy? If so, what is the name and effective date of the previous policy or policies?
  • Why is this policy necessary?

II. Policy Statement

  • How does this policy comply with Howard University’s governance objectives?
  • Briefly, state what guidance to the University community this policy sets forth.

III. Reason for Policy

  • Why is this policy needed?
    • Are there any legal, regulatory or accreditation requirements associated with this policy?
      What are they?
    • Will the University be at-risk if this policy is not established? Describe.
  • Are there any time constraints for implementing this policy?

IV. Overview of Policy Content (250 words or less)

  • Who will benefit from this policy?
  • Who will be affected by this policy?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities?
  • Why has this not been done before? Are there any barriers that must be addressed before it can be implemented now?

V. Impact on the University (250 words or less)

  • What is the general cost of implementing this policy, in terms of human capital, technology, budgeted and unbudgeted dollars, time and/or other resources?
  • What office(s)/department(s)/division (s) will incur this cost?
  • What impact will this policy have on the current operation of the University?
  • What will have to be done differently once this policy is implemented?

VI. Key Stakeholders

  • Provide a complete list of all persons/offices that must be consulted for comment before implementing this policy. This may include any internal (University) or external person, group, association, office, etc. [Note: the Responsible Officer must ensure that all key stakeholders have been consulted in developing a final policy.]

VII. Training and Communications

  • What training, communications and/or education should occur to ensure successful implementation of this policy?

VIII. Other Key Matters

  • Include any additional information or data not provided earlier that is relevant to consideration of this proposed policy.