Policy Form


Policy Number:
  Applicable series assigned by the University Policy Office, followed by a sequential number.
Policy Title:
  A descriptive name that succinctly, but clearly, designates the subject matter.
Responsible Officer:
Responsible Office:
Effective Date:
  The date that the requirements of the policy are implemented and enforceable. If a revised or updated policy is being issued, then the dates of the original policy and its revisions or updates shall be shown in chronological order. The dates shall be displayed in the following format -- XX/XX/XXXX (Original Effective Date: XX/XX/XXXX; prior updates: XX/XX/XXXX, XX/XX/XXXX, etc.)
Contact E-mail:
Contact Phone:



  • Briefly, state what guidance to the University community this policy sets forth, i.e., "It is the policy of Howard University to ...."
  • How does this policy advance Howard University’s mission, the University's brand, the University's strategic objectives, etc.? 


  • What is the issue or problem that this policy addresses?  Why is this policy necessary?  Provide a reason for why this policy is being proposed:
    • Legal, regulatory, financial, accreditation or other context
    • Risk avoidance
    • Best practice
  • What is the anticipated institutional impact?
    • Will there be a substantial financial impact on the University?  Will there be a substantial cultural impact on the University?  Briefly, how will the impact be addressed?
  • Other key issues


  • Does this policy apply to all entities of Howard University including Howard University Hospital?  If not, list any exceptions here.
  • Who are the key stakeholders and how were they engaged in the policy formulation process?
  • What are the various stakeholder perspectives?  Is this policy being proposed without the support of one or more of the stakeholder groups? If so, what is the justification?


  • Define important terms, such as "investigator," "gifts," "exempted employees," and so forth, that are used in the policy, to ensure clarity and avoid ambiguity in its application.



  • How will this policy be implemented and by whom?
  • Delineate the roles and responsibilities of those involved.
  • How will members of the University community be informed of this policy? 
  • Is training required?  Describe training objectives and who will provide it?
  • How will policy effectiveness be determined?


  • What are the consequences in instances where this policy is disregarded? Describe roles and responsibilities in applying sanctions.


VII. HYPERLINK (University Policies) or WEBSITE ADDRESS (Unit Policies)