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2008 Distinguished Summer Scholars Program-DSSP
A four week course that will direct your lifetime of learning

The Program

Howard University Science, Engineering and Mathematics (HUSEM) Program invites YOU to enroll in an intense four-week program for academically talented pre-freshmen who intend to pursue degrees in mathematics, science or engineering.

The Distinguished Scholars Program provides an academically challenging environment and curriculum with classes in mathematics, chemistry and physics. Students will be housed in residence halls and immersed in academic enrichment experiences in problem-solving, critical thinking, study skills and time management. The Distinguished Scholars Program offers students a first-hand orientation to the rigors of college life in culturally rich Washington, D. C.


Get a head start on your Howard experience while developing the skills necessary for success in higher education. Research shows that first-year students have varying levels of exposure to academic preparation, technology and counseling. In other words, good grades are not enough for academic success. The rigors of college education demand that a student be proficient in basic survival skills of time management, study and research. Students who are deficient in the basic skills will have to spend extra time, energy, and resources to stay abreast academically with their peers. The Distinguished Scholars Program will give you that competitive edge.

This program is highly selective and can only accommodate a limited number of first-year scholars. If you have received this announcement, then you have been selected to apply for admittance to the Distinguished Scholars Program. Candidates who successfully complete all the program activities will receive preference for placement in Howard University’s Science, Engineering and Mathematics (HUSEM) Program* activities during Academic Year 2008-09.


April 25, 2008         Deadline for receipt of application
May 9. 2008           Applicant notified of selection
June 29, 2008         Program begins
July 25, 2008          Program ends


There is no cost to the students for tuition, room, and board for the 4-week program. Students, however, are responsible for their own transportation to and from the program. This is their only expense; however students are encouraged to budget additional funds for miscellaneous personal expenses.

Participants must have been accepted to the College of Arts and Sciences to study chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics or accepted to the College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences to study engineering or computer science. Final selection will be based on their academic performance (SAT scores and GPA) and a personal essay.