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Service 2013
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Service to the nation has been, and continues to be, one of the primary missions of Howard University.

This booklet, prepared annually by the Office of University Research and Planning and the Howard University Community Association, provides the reader only a fraction of the many city and community activities in which the Howard University faculty, staff, students, alumni and retirees are engaged.

Howard University offers over 100 programs, services and activities that are available to the public. These include: career counseling, development and exploration programs; consumer services; cultural, recreational and athletic programs; health education, screening and clinical services; and activities with the District of Columbia Public Schools.

Table of Contents

At-Risk Youth4
Career Counseling10
College Preparation 13
Community Association3
Community-Based Research 19
Community Economic Development 22
Employment 24
Enrichment 25
Early Childhood Education 25
Engineering 29
Writing and Oral Communication 31
Faculty Affiliations 34
Faith Community Information 43
Health 44
Howard University Bookstore 55
Howard University Hospital 56
Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science 72
Legal Assistance 74
Literacy 82
Mentoring 84
Seniors Services 88
Sports 89
Volunteering 91
Index 105