Group Dynamics Seminar: Theory and Practice

Instructor: Ayana Watkins-Northern, Ph.D.

Group Theory: Tuesday from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Group Observation and Group Discussion: Thursday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am

The group training component runs from  September to  May  and  consists of  the following:

  • Seminar on theory and technique in group psychotherapy and group counseling

  • Observation of an ongoing psychotherapy group conducted by training staff

  • Discussion group - following the observation of the  above mentioned training group

  • Starting and conducting a group to its date of termination

  • Supervision of group work

  • Attendance of two outside conferences, one per semester

Learning Objectives

  • To  provide  trainees  with  the  basic  theoretical foundation and  technical skill necessary to conduct group counseling and/or  group  psychotherapy at increasing levels of competence.

  • To provide trainees with understanding of the ethical guidelines for conducting group counseling and/or psychotherapy. 

  • To provide knowledge of distinguishing factors between group counseling and group psychotherapy.  

  • To provide knowledge and skill in the understanding and in the technical interventions indicated to address the impact of diversity and multiculturalism in group.

Observation Group

The   observation group is  a  psychotherapy group  for  students  that   follows  the academic calendar. Each member is screened and invited to voluntarily participate in the group. A signed document granting permission to be observed is provided by each member.

Both group members and  group trainees  are  required to observe  the group contract with specific attention given  to  confidentiality and  the  laws  of the District of Columbia dictating procedures and conduct around group confidentiality.

Each participant from each group provides written documentation of their consent to this contract. At the first group session, group members and trainees are introduced to one another and group members are invited again to ask questions.

Last updated July, 2014