Training Staff

Ayana Watkins-Northern, Ph.D., C.G.P. Licensed Psychologist, Director of University Counseling Service. Responsible for clinical supervision and the Group Training Program.

Stacey Jackson-Lampley, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, Director of Training. Responsible for program administration of the APA-accredited Predoctoral Internship Program, clinical supervision and consultation.


Mirta Lisso Carruthers, Licensed Psychologist, (Argentina). Complementary studies in the US. Psychological Counselor at UCS.  Responsible for teaching the Psychoanalytic Theory/ Clinical Case Presentations seminar and clinical consultation.


Ekwenzi Gray, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, Director of University Drug Education and Prevention Program. Responsible for the Research Seminar and supervising research as a third rotation.


Marcus Hummings, Psy.D. Coordinator of Externship / Practicum Training Program, responsible for program administration and clinical supervision of extern/practicum trainees.


Victoria Lee, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, Psychology Counselor responsible for the program administration and supervision of the intern's Hospital Rotation, clinical supervision and consultation.


Bridgett S. Neamo, Psy.D. Director of Testing. Responsible for Clinical and Standardized Testing, clinical supervision and consultation.


Anastasia Noskova, Psy.D. Psychology Counselor responsible for program administration and supervision of  Outreach component and Microcounseling. Clinical supervision and consultation.


All named above are housed at the internship site and all have primary responsibility for professional service delivery at the agency. This faculty is responsible for the development of training programs and materials and is involved in the intern recruitment process. They monitor the caseloads of the interns, with each intern having been assigned two primary supervisors, who are licensed psychologist and responsible for the intern's clinical service. They also oversee the interns' work through group supervisory activities and case conferences.

Other Institutional Supervisors:

Michael Barnes, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist. Responsible for supervising the DC Superior Court Rotation, and assessment supervision. Dr. Barnes is the Chief Psychologist at DC Superior Court Child Guidance Clinic and provides supervision to the UCS interns.

Ronald Hopson, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist. Responsible for individual clinical supervision, Case Conference Supervision. Dr. Hopson is an Associate Professor at Howard University and he provides  supervision  to UCS interns.


The UCS staff psychologists, together with our accomplished group of adjunct training faculty (psychiatrists as well as psychologists), provide a multidisciplinary learning experience for UCS interns.

The program ensures that each intern has two clinical supervisors, both of whom provide one hour of individual supervision to each assigned intern. Additionally interns receive supervision from a licensed psychologist on each rotation. Interns receive a  minimum of 10 hours of group supervision from licensed psychologist and license-eligible staff.

Moreover the supervision provided by the training program has consistently received high ratings from interns upon their completion of the training year. The successful progression of the interns from trainee to credentialed psychology status, in combination with the consistently favorable ratings by trainees of their supervision, is a means of establishing the sufficiency of the program supervision and training.


Overview of Internship Program

Last updated July, 2014