Internship Training Program in Clinical Psychology 


Interns salaries, for the 2014-2015 fiscal year, are budgeted at $25,000.00 with the contract period being from August 1 to July 31.

Health Benefits

Interns may choose a medical plan from a comprehensive range of health plans offered by the university.

Vacation and Sick-Leave

Interns earn 13 days per year annual leave and 13 days per year of sick leave.  In addition, there are approximately 10 paid holidays.  Limited leave for professional activities such as dissertation defenses, conferences, etc., is granted as well.


Travel money is available for approved professional development activities.

Computer/Research Facilities

Each intern office is equipped with a computer and printer. Interns may use these computers to access the mainframe computer of the University for statistical analysis, storage of data, Internet and World Wide Web access, electronic mail, and other computer processing needs. Interns also have access to the University libraries and libraries within the HU consortium.


Last updated July, 2014