Clinical Supervision: Case Conference 



Ronald E. Hopson,

Stacey Jackson-Lampley, Ph.D.

From September to April on Thursdays 12:10 am to 1:30 pm

  • Case conference is designed as an ongoing group supervision experience to provide an in-depth training for participants with their active client caseload.

  • Trainees are expected to select two or three clients from their caseload ranging from long-term to brief in duration. These clients are followed throughout the school year with emphasis on assisting the trainee with clinical and theoretical skills. The impact of the client on the therapist is carefully examined. The participants receive supervision from the leader as well as the other group members. While the major thrust of case conference is psychodynamic in orientation, other schools of thought are not excluded.

  • Psychology interns and externs make up the usual composition of the group.

  • A degree of self disclosure is part of this experience.

Last updated July, 2014