Howard University Drug Education & Prevention

Program (HUDEPP)

HUDEPP is the arm of the University Counseling Service that is designed for people whose primary challenges lie in the areas of alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use. The goals of the program fall in three main areas: a. Education, b. Prevention, (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug (ATOD) Screening), and c. Research.


  • a. Education: The goal of Drug Education is to increase the university community's awareness about problems associated with alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, and for those in need, to provide services that will help them change their patterns of substance use. Mechanisms for change include individual and group counseling, and if necessary, referral to an appropriate treatment facility. 

  • b. Prevention: The goal of the Drug Prevention part of the program is implement measures that will either reduce drug use or prevent its use. Prevention methods are closely tied with drug education, and are implemented through university outreach and consultation, but also through the exploration of potential programs that could be brought to Howards campus to address the needs of our students.  

    • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug (ATOD) Screening: Screening for alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, and their associated problems is a part of many of the Counseling Centers outreach programs. Additionally, National Alcohol Screening Day occurs every April and the HUDEPP program is intimately involved in getting the word out and trying to increase campus awareness about the problems associated with alcohol and other drug use.

  • c. Research: Research represents a newer component of our program. While it has always been around, involvement in research is being brought to the forefront though small studies and collaborations with other university departments that have a commitment to substance use research.


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Last updated February, 2014