For immediate assistance

  • Call the University Campus Police at (202) 806-1100 for any campus emergency situations.

  • For medical emergencies, proceed to the nearest hospital emergency room if this is not possible call 911. Off-campus students should go to the nearest hospital or urgent care center or call 911.

  • For psychological emergencies, call (202) 345-6709.

  • Suicide help CHAT: http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/GetHelp/LifelineChat.aspx

  • Rape/Sexual Assault, call campus police (202) 806-1100, the crisis line of the counseling service (202) 345-6709 or/and 911. You can also call :

    • DC Rape Crisis Center - (202) 333-RAPE (24 hours)

    • Montgomery County Sexual Assault Hotline Crisis Center - (301) 656-7273

    • Alexandria Sexual Assault - (703) 683-7273

    • Sexual Assault Response & Awareness Program - (703) 683-7273

  • During business hours, students and staff may call the University Counseling Service at (202) 806-6870.

  • Students in a HU-approved study abroad activity may experience emergencies due to civil unrest, pandemic disease, or a natural disaster in the host country. These students have a 24 hour emergency assistance service available to them via their study abroad program (check with your program hosts/advisors.)

Hotlines and Local Resources

An emergency is a situation that places a student or students at risk. It may include illness or harm, or other traumatic incidents involving violence, or a missing student.

Emergencies may also represent circumstances out of the ordinary, unplanned or unexpected, involving hardships that threaten the health, safety, and wellbeing of the students.


For all HU emergencies where you are unable to reach one of the offices below, call 202-806-1100 or 202-806-7777

For Fire / Metropolitan Police / Ambulance, call 911



1) Psychological/psychiatric emergencies, alcohol or drug overdose, suicide attempts, depression, suspected suicide, etc.

Student Counseling Service, 202-806-6870
Hotlines & Local Emergency Resources
See also:
Campus Ministries/Guidance & Support, 202-806-7280
Student Support Groups—Regional, International, Greek

2) Sexual assault, rape, sexual violence

Campus Police, 202-806-1100
Office of General Counsel, 202-806-2650
Student Counseling Service, 202-806-6870
Office of Provost/CAO, 202-806-2550
See also:
Hotlines & Local Emergency Resources
Sexual Harassment & Gender-Based Complaints

3) Residence hall concerns

Community Directors & Managers
See also:
Residence Life Handbook/Safety & Security

4) Medical concerns

HU Hospital, 202-865-1141 (Emergency Room)
Student Health Center, 202-806-7540
Dental Clinic, 202-806-0008
Student Pharmacy, 202-806-5088
Women's Clinic, 202-806-7290
See also:
Hotlines & Local Emergency Resources

5) Judicial procedures for non-academic misconduct

Dean of Special Student Services, 202-238-2420
See also:
Student Code of Conduct

6) Academic difficulties

Academic Advisor
See also:
Academic Grievance Procedures

7) Students with physical and/or learning disabilities

Dean of Special Student Services, 202-238-2420

8) Financial hardships

Financial Aid
See also:
Who Handles What

9) International student concerns

International Student Services, 202-806-7517
See also:
National Student Organizations

Last updated August 2014