Ethics, Personal and Professional Growth

Internship Training Program in Clinical Psychology

Ethics: Interns are given opportunities to discuss and demonstrate understanding of ethics through participation in seminars with staff from APA's Office of Ethics. Moreover, ethical issues are addressed in each of the UCS training activities.

Personal Growth: A major dimension of internship training is personal growth and development. The development and refinement of personal skills is vital to the interns' overall growth as a professional helper. Interns who choose to have therapy experiences are allowed to make necessary scheduling adjustments to explore various resources in the community.

Professional Ethics: Interns are given opportunities to discuss and demonstrate Growth: Vital to the development of personal and professional identity are experiences that allow interns to engage in professional dialogue with colleagues in other settings, both structured and unstructured. Interns are encouraged to obtain memberships in professional societies and associations and to attend selected local and national professional conferences that will enhance their development. Attendance at a minimum of three conferences is part of the interns' training each year. (Stipends are made available for these conferences).


Last updated March, 2014