Externship and Practicum Training

Coordinator: Marcus Hummings, Psy.D. mhummings@howard.edu

Please send applications to the Program Coordinator


Howard University Counseling Service

Student Resource Center Room G7 - C B Powell Building Wing 1

6th and Bryant Streets NW, Washington, DC 20059

TE. (202) 806-6870 or (202) 806-6423


Application deadline is February 20th 2015

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Externship Consortium Guidelines - January 24, 2012

Greater Washington Area Directors of Clinical Training

The Directors of Training of the Clinical and Counseling Psychology programs in the greater Washington area meet regularly to expedite training for clinical and counseling psychology graduate students. Our group, the Greater Washington Area Directors of Clinical Training (GWADCT), works to help coordinate the annual offering and accepting of externship placements.

We recommend and ask the externship training sites cooperate with the following guidelines:

1. Externships should not exceed 16 hours in a two day block and without the necessity of taking work home. The stress level for students should be minimized when possible.

2. Individual face-to-face supervision should be no less than 25% of the time spent in service-related activities (i.e., treatment, assessment, interviews, report-writing, case presentations, and consultations).

3. If there are set times when externs must be at the training facility (e.g. staff meeting every Thursday, 9-11 am.), externship directors should let this be known at the time of interviews.

4. Stipends for externs are encouraged.

5. Externship offers will be made starting 9:00 am on April 2, 2012 and must be accepted or rejected by 1:00 pm on that day.

6. Externship sites do not provide students with information regarding their status or rankings prior to 9:00 am on the notification day. 

7. Students do not attempt to elicit information from sites regarding their status or ranking prior to the notification day. 

8. On notification day, no student shall hold more than one offer for more than two hours.

9. A candidate who is no longer being considered by an externship  site should be notified by the site at the earliest possible date in advance of April 2. However, sites do not contact any students under consideration  to provide their status or ranking in advance of the notification date.

10.  Contracts between the university or school and training facilities should be executed as early as possible after the notification day.

Participating Doctoral Programs and Program Directors


Brice, Patrick

Gallaudet University


Feuerstein, Michael

Uniformed Services Univ. of the Health Sciences


Howe, George

George Washington Univ. (PhD)


Ingraham, Loring

George Washington Univ. (PsyD-on leave)


Nordling, William

Institute for Psychological Sciences


Ruth, Richard

George Washington Univ. (PsyD-Interim DCT)


Sacks, David

Argosy University


Tangney, June

George Mason University


So, Dominicus

Howard University


Wagner, Barry

Catholic University of America


Weissbrod, Carol

American University




Required Regular Training Activities

Intake Conference

1.5 hrs.


 9:00-10:30 PM

Practicum/Externship Seminar

1.15 hrs.


11:00-12:15 AM

Staff Meeting and/or Staff Development

0:45 hrs.

2nd & 3rd Tuesdays

12:30-1:15 PM

Psychoanalytic Seminar/ Clinical Case Presentations

2.5 hrs.


2:00 - 4:30 PM

Case Conference* (3rd year students)

1.5 hrs.


9:30 -10:45 PM


TBA: Intake coverage C.O.D.

2.0 hrs.

Intake documentation

1.0 hrs.

Individual Psychotherapy/Counseling (2 clients)

4.0 hrs.

Preparation of notes

1.0 hrs.


1.0 hrs.

Supplementary Activities

Group Dynamics/Psychotherapy Seminar

2.0 hrs.

Tuesdays 2:00 to 4:00 pm

Observation Group

1.5 hrs.

Thursdays 10: to 11:30 am

Outreach Program (TBA)


*Depending upon experience


Please send applications to Dr. Marcus Hummings


Howard University Counseling Service

Student Resource Center Room G7 - C B Powell Building Wing 1

6th and Bryant Streets NW, Washington, DC 20059

TE. (202) 806-6870 or (202) 806-6423



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