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(WMP 7.0 & XP are compatible, but do not support all skin features.)
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Note: Some of the older skins do not work well with Windows Media Player 11

  • Choose the skin you would like to download and click on its picture.
  • The skin will be added to the list of skins available for your player, and will then be an available skin for you to apply
  • To apply a skin, while in Full Mode (base skin), click the Skin Chooser
    tab. In the list of skins, select the skin you prefer, and then click
    Apply skin. Doing this changes the player interface and adds an "anchor
    icon" to the bottom right of your screen to allow easy return to "Full
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2nd Place, 2006
Soca Warrior
3rd Place, 2006
Drum Major
HIV/Aids Awareness
Filename: SocaWarrior.wmz
Size: 19,196 KB
Created By: Marlon Mejias & Dane Ragobar
The George Washington University
Filename: DrumMajor.wmz
Size: 32,999 KB
Created By: Tyrone Jack, Brandon Coates, & Howard Baker
Howard University
Filename: Awareness.wmz
Size: 1,849 KB
Created By: Keith Hammond (Melrose HS Memphis, TN)
Brian Clark, Darrell Sneed
University of Memphis

1st Place, 2005

2nd Place, 2005
3rd Place, 2005
Resurrection to Legends

Filename:  NuCube
Size: 25926 KB
Created By: Chinweizu Owunwanne, Paul Onakoya, Munyiri Kamau
Howard University

Filename: NSBE
Size: 792 KB
Created By: Keith Hammond, Marlon Ridley, Andre Mitchell
University of Memphis

Filename: Resurrection to Legends
Size: 7MB
Created By: Nickolia Coombs, Joseph Fennell, Wayne Carey
North Carolina A&T

3rd Place, 2005
Dr. Carver
A Technical Culture

Filename: Dr. Carver
Size: 480KB
Created by: Jessica Battle, Victoria Makinde, Marlon Mejias
Howard University

Filename: A Technical Culture
S ize: 791KB
Created by: Jean-Paul Trudeau
Xavier University of Louisiana

Filename: Kwanzaa.wmz
Size: 3,393KB
Created by: Munyiri,
Howard University

1st Place, 2004
Aggie City

1st Place, 2003
The HUPod

2nd Place, 2003
The DJ

Filename: Aggie City.wmz
Size: 2,000 KB
Created by: Malcolm Player,
Nickolia Coombs, Raymond Oliver
North Carolina A&T

Filename: HUPod.wmz
Size: 637KB
Created by:  Aquiyb Sylvester
Howard University

Filename: DJ.wmz
Size: 275KB
Created by: Donald Darling, Anisha John, Victor Parris
Howard University

3rd Place, 2003

Filename: Streetball.wmz
Size: 660KB
Created by: Stephen Lynn
Howard University

Filename: EyeofAfrica.wmz
Size: 275KB
Created by: Shala Wilson
Howard University

Filename: RoboxCube.wmz
Size: 1MB
Created by: Israel Cook, Cheryl Gilbreath, David Harris
Howard University

Authentic West African

1st Place, 2002
2nd Place, 2002
Sankofa Bird

Filename: Gnome.wmz
Size: 297KB
Created by: Marcus Johnson and Jennifer Young
Howard University

Filename: Past&Beyond.wmz
Size: 500KB
Created by: Israel Cook
Howard University

Filename: Sankofaskin.wmz
Size: 788KB
Created by: Nicole Herbert, Aziza C. Hines, Aquib Sylvester
Howard University

3rd Place, 2002


Filename: LOCKskin.wmz
S ize: 352KB
Created by: Phillip Hunter, Chrison Thompson
Howard University