Immunization Requirements to Remove Your Medical Hold
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The Student Health Center staff extends a warm welcome to all. All students entering a school or college of the University for the first time or returning after an absence of a semester or more, are required to submit a completed Report of Medical History, Tuberculosis Screening Risk Assessment as well as proof of immunity to vaccine preventable diseases as required by the District of Columbia Immunization Law and by University Policy. Enclosed in this package are all the forms that you will need to document the health requirements. If you have not received the forms with this letter, please access our website www.howard.edu/studenthealth for the most updated information and forms on the University’s health requirements. You should take this letter, a copy of all of your immunization records, and the enclosed health-related forms to your health care provider for review; this will allow your health care provider to complete the forms appropriately.

Compliance with the immunization requirements is mandatory and your medical clearance is a prerequisite for registration . Therefore you should complete all medical requirements prior to coming to our campus. The forms should be submitted directly to the Student Health Center as soon as possible but no later than July 1 for Fall entrants and no later than December 1 for Spring entrants to avoid a medical hold and any unnecessary delays in your registration. Students may mail the completed forms to the Student Health Center and/or fax the forms to the Student Health Center (202-806-7416). Students should retain a copy of all documents submitted to the Student Health Center. Whenever there are questions concerning immunization compliance and/or a medical hold, the student should have on hand a copy of all immunization information submitted to the Student Health Center (do not submit the original copies of your childhood immunization records).

If for some reason a student is unable to complete the immunization requirements before presenting to Howard’s campus, students may come to the Student Health Center for assistance in meeting the immunization requirements. However, students who are non compliant with the immunization requirements will be on medical hold and the student should expect to remain on medical hold until he/she is compliant with all the required immunizations.


In the wake of recent outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases on various college campuses throughout the nation and to provide the best possible protection for persons on our campus and our surrounding community, the University’s immunization compliance requirements have been revised and will be strictly enforced. Effective January 1, 2007, all students are required to submit documentation of immune Serum IgG Antibody titers as proof of immunity to MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), and to Varicella; documentation of immune Hepatitis B Surface IgG Antibody titers is required for Hepatitis B. If the submitted titers do not show proof of immunity, kindly provide the additional dose/s of vaccines as appropriate. No further antibody titers will be necessary after the additional vaccinations have been administered.

Tetanus (Td or Tdap) is the only vaccine requiring documentation of date of vaccination.

Tuberculosis screening is an important public health issue and the University follows the CDC guidelines for targeted tuberculosis screening. If the student has no documentation of a tuberculosis skin test and is at low risk, a baseline PPD skin test is required. Of course, any student at risk for tuberculosis must be skin tested unless they have had a positive skin test in the past. A chest x-ray within 6 months of arrival on the campus is required for all skin tests considered positive. Completion of the risk assessment form will assist you in making a decision. For additional information on assessing risk for tuberculosis, check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. http://cdc.gov/nchstp/tb

Finally, let me share information with you on the Meningococcal vaccine. Meningococcal disease, a potentially fatal bacterial infection, has received much media discussion over the past several years. Even though the vaccine does not protect the student from all the strains that cause this form of meningitis, up to 83% of all cases in adolescents and young adults could have been potentially prevented by this vaccine. The CDC recommends that college students, particularly freshmen living in dormitories and residence halls, be educated about meningitis and the benefits of vaccination. The recommendation further states that information about the disease and vaccination is appropriate for other undergraduate students who also wish to reduce their risk for the disease. Meningitis is rare. However, when it strikes, its flu-like symptoms make diagnosis difficult. If not treated early, meningitis can lead to swelling of the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal column as well as severe and permanent disabilities, such as hearing loss, brain damage, seizures, limb amputation and even death. We strongly recommend that all students planning to live in University housing receive the Meningococcal vaccine before arriving on campus.





Report of Medical History Form

Must be completed and signed by the student.

Must be signed by the parent if the student is a minor (less than 18yrs of age).

Immunization History Record Form

Must be completed and signed by health care provider.

1. Must attach copies of immune blood titers for Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Hepatitis B, and Varicella.

2. Must submit dates of immunizations given when blood titers are non immune.

3. Must submit proof of Td/ Tdap within past 10 years.

Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Form

Must be completed and signed by health care provider/nurse.

Must submit appropriate documentation of PPD status (including copy of CXR report when indicated).

Physical Exam Form

Recommended but may be required by health science programs. Check with your program staff.

Must submit appropriate documentation signed by your health care provider.

SHC 2/06-HO-13 (Revised 11/ 07)

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