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Credit Balances & Refunds

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Credit Balance Funds

Credit Balance Funds are created when a student‘s account is overpaid. These funds are refunded to the student as follows:

  1. Credit Card Payments credited back to the credit card.
  2. Direct Deposit funds transmitted directly to a specified bank account/Visa prepaid card.
    See Direct Deposit

To expedite your refund, we strongly suggest setting up Direct Deposit.

Student Refunds

Updated 06/20/2016

To help facilitate the refund process for the 2016-2017 academic year, refunds will be processed for students who have met their financial obligations based on the schedule below. Refunds processed via direct deposit will post to studentsí bank accounts 48-72 hours after the processing date below.

Fall 2016 Refund Schedule



Graduate, Professional and Non-Traditional students


Seniors & Juniors


Sophomores & Freshman


Spring 2017 Refund Schedule



Graduate, Professional and Non-Traditional students


Seniors & Juniors


Sophomores & Freshman


*Special notice for Maryland residents enrolled in Howard Universityís online programs.*

The State of Maryland requires a specific refund policy be applied to Maryland residents who are enrolled in fully online programs (Maryland Refund Policy). The Maryland Refund Policy applies only to students who reside in Maryland and are enrolled in a Howard University online program. Students with questions regarding this policy may contact Ms. Miacia Porter, Associate Registrar, by email at

Under the Maryland Refund Policy, Howard University shall refund as follows. An online program student who is a Maryland resident and who withdraws or is terminated after completing only a portion of a course, program or term within an applicable billing period:

Proportion of Total Course, Program, or Term Completed as of Date of Withdrawal or Termination, Tuition Refund

Less than 10%

90% refund

10% up to but not including 20%

80% refund

20% up to but not including 30%

60% refund

30% up to but not including 40%


40% up to but not including 60%

20% refund

More than 60%

No refund

Refunds will be based on the date of the studentís withdrawal or termination and will be paid to a student no later than 60 days after the student withdraws.

Howard is seeking to register with the Maryland Higher Education Commission. The Office of the Maryland Attorney General or MHEC may investigate complaints against Howard. Complaints should be directed to:

Maryland Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division
200 St. Paul Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
888-743-0823 (toll free)
Maryland Higher Education Commission Student Complaint Process may be found here:

Direct Deposit

For your convenience and in the interest of safety, direct deposit is now offered for all Howard University student refunds. This includes all student account credits resulting from student/parent loans, scholarships, grants etc. If you haven’t done so, you may sign up for direct deposit with an established bank of your choice or open a new checking account.

Once direct deposit is set up, it is valid until graduation. If any bank account changes/closures are made please update your account info online or submit a new form with an updated void check or a direct deposit signup sheet.

Direct Deposit is the most efficient way to receive your refund in a timely manner.


Students without parent loans may now submit and update their Direct Deposit information in BisonWeb.

Go to: Student Services > Student Accounts > Direct Deposit > Save

Students with parent loans still need to complete a Direct Deposit Form.

Direct deposit applications for students receiving federal Parent Plus Loans must be authorized by the parent/guardian.

If you have submitted a direct deposit form and would like to confirm receipt/processing of the form, please follow up with the Assistant Treasurer by e-mail at The Office of Student Account cannot verify this information.

Bank of America Visa Prepaid Card Program
If you’re unable to open a bank account for whatever reason Bank of America offers a Visa Prepaid Debit Card program in order to receive your refund via direct deposit. A pin # will be assigned for ATM use and you can use the card anywhere Visa is accepted.

There’s a monthly service fee of $1.50. To order a Visa card please email for an application/further information.
Requests for additional information should be submitted to: