Student Financial Services

Howard University Emergency Student Loans

The Howard University Emergency Student Loan (Institutional Loans) Program is designed to provide low-interest rate loans to students who are experiencing a temporary cash flow problem. There are various loan funds and only two types of loans:

  1. Short-term Emergency Student Loan - loans that are due by the end of the semester.
  2. Long-term Emergency Student Loan - loans that are due after the loan borrower separates from the University. Any loan borrower with this type of emergency loan must have an Entrance and Exit Interview. No late fees are charged. The only deferment provision is a student deferment for borrowers who attend school on at least a halftime basis. The loan is reported to the (3)three major credit bureaus (upon disbursement). This type of loan is not eligible for consolidation.

The specific term of the loans are stated in the promissory note and are indicated in the individual fund regulations. Federal regulations do not apply to the Emergency Student Loan Program because the loans are Howard University money not Federal Aid.