Collection Department

The Collection Department is responsible for the recovery of monies owed to Howard University by students no longer enrolled. This collective debt includes:

  • Short-term Emergency Loans
  • Long-term Emergency Loans
  • Health Profession Student Loans (Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy)
  • Loans for Disadvantage Students (LDS)
  • Primary Care Loans (PCL)
  • Nursing Student Loans
  • Federal Perkins Student Loans
  • Outstanding Student Account Balances

The Collection's Department staff consists of trained professionals who are available to discuss your financial difficulties and recommend alternative repayment options. All files are confidential and cannot be discussed with a third party without your written authorization (See: Release Form PDF).

If your account is in a delinquent or defaulted status, a financial hold is placed on your account. Any request for transcripts, re-admission and credit clearances are denied until the delinquency or default has been resolved.

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Exit Interview

Loans become due when you are no longer a student of half-time status or upon your separation from the university. An exit interview is then required for each student that has a loan balance. You must contact the Campus Based Loan Office to schedule the exit interview.

The separation date determines when the loan goes into the required grace period followed by the repayment period. Graduation, transferring to another institution, total withdrawal, deciding not to return the following semester or suspension from the university are reasons that determine the separation date.

It is important to understand your rights and responsibilities as a Campus Based Loan borrower and the entitlements offered for your loan program. At the exit interview, you will meet with an account representative to discuss your specific debt. For outstanding loans, you will be required to complete an exit interview package that consists of the following documents:

  • Repayment Schedule and Disclosure Statement
  • Statement of Rights and Responsibilities
  • Exit Interview Check List
  • Personal and Confidential Information

Three copies of identification are placed in your file and you are given copies of all signed documents. You will also receive an informational brochure of the loan program, and your promissory note copy.


Howard University is responsible for the service and maintenance of the Federal Perkins, Long-Term Emergency, Health Profession, LDS, PCL and Nursing Student Loans. In that regard, the University has contracted with ACS to provide billing services.

As an agent for Howard University, ACS will assist you in meeting your obligation for repayment of your loan. You will receive monthly billing statements from ACS, late notices and any requested forms.

Correspondence, entitlement forms and payments without the billing statement should be sent to:

2502 S. Finley Road, Suite 100
Lombard, IL 60148-4899

Payments with the billing statement should be sent to the following address:

P.O. Box 3295
Milwaukee, WI 53201-3295

Please be sure to include your account number on all payments, forms and correspondence. If you have questions regarding your account, you can contact ACS on 1-800-826-4472 or visit their website at Any request to changes in your regular repayment schedule, must be directed to Howard University Collection Department.

Per federal regulations, all school loans are reported to the major credit bureaus from the date of disbursement. The manner in which you repay your loan or submit deferment request affects how your loan is reported to the credit bureaus. You can protect your credit by submitting payments and forms in a timely manner. Monthly updates to the different credit bureaus are made by ACS.

Payments sent directly to Howard University can be made in the form of personal or cashier's checks, money orders and with credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). Payments can be deducted from your checking account through the ExpressPay option offered by ACS.

Entitlement and Cancellations

Unexpected circumstances or changes in employment arise that can affect your repayment ability. A variety of deferments and forbearances are offered on the Federal Perkins and Health Profession Student Loans to assist you in preventing a delinquency or default of your loan.

Deferment is a condition during which payments of the loan are postponed for a specific period of time. Principal need not be paid and interest does not accrue. However, interest will accrue in cases of forbearances and the principal is not paid during the approved period.

A loan is delinquent when a borrower makes late payments on the loan, but is not yet in default. For the Federal Perkins Student Loan, default occurs at eight (8) months of delinquency. The Health Profession Student Loan program considers default at four (4) months of delinquency.

By contacting your account representative during periods of difficulty, your available options can be discussed and the appropriate forms sent. The application for temporary deferment of loan installments is a printable form and can be downloaded from out form section. Once the form is completed and signed it must be returned, with the requested documentation, directly to the Howard University Collection Department for approval and processing.

The Health Profession Student Loans, LDS and PCL programs allow for deferment is you are pursuing a full-time course of study towards a degree in health profession at any school of medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, pharmacy, podiatry, optometry or veterinary medicine; advanced professional training in the field for which the loan was received; an officer in the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps., internship or residency, Peace Corps Volunteer and active duty in a uniformed service.

Nursing Student Loans are deferred if you are in a nursing program leading to a baccalaureate, equivalent, graduate, RN or associate degree; full-time active duty in a uniformed service, Peace Corps volunteer or advanced professional training.

At this time, there are no cancellation provisions for Health Profession Student Loans (Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy), PCL, LDS or Nursing Student Loans.

Long-Term University Loans are disbursed with private funds from the university and are not subject to the variety of deferments and cancellation options are offered on the other loan programs. In-school deferments and limited hardships are available for these loans. Contact your Howard University account representative to discuss these options.

The Federal Perkins Student Loan program allows for cancellation of up to 100% of your loan amount if you are involved in either of the eligible professions. Most cancellations are based on a twelve month service period. The appropriate forms should be submitted at the beginning of the service period, with the required license and/or job description, to determine eligibility.

If you are eligible for the cancellation, your account will then be placed in a pre-cancellation deferment pending receipt of the second certified from due at the end of the service period. Cancellations are processed at a specific percentage rate; 15% for the 1st and 2nd year, 20% for the 3rd and 4th year and a 20% rate for the 5th and final year.

Loan Consolidation

There are provisions which allow for consolidation of your student loan debt for the Federal Perkins, Health Profession, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursing only. If you anticipate consolidating your Howard University loans, pleas have the verification forms sent directly to the Collection Department. ACS will not provide information or complete the consolidation forms. They will only forward the document to Howard University which may cause a delay in the processing of your loan application.

Collection Efforts

A diligent effort is put forth to make contact with our delinquent and defaulted borrowers. However, we cannot offer you any assistance without knowing your specific circumstances or having received the required documents or necessary information.

When all internal collection efforts have been exhausted, you risk the placement of your account with our outside counsel for the purpose of litigation. Federal Perkins Student Loan deemed uncollectible may be assigned back to the Office of Education as a defaulted loan.

It is not the intent of the Collection Department to alienate our alumni, but we are bound by federal regulations to pursue due diligence (time-line for written and telephone contact to borrowers and placement of accounts with collection agencies or an attorney) in the collection of student loan debt.

A high default rate puts the university at risk of probation or suspension from the federal loan programs. It can also prevent future loan disbursements and advances to our continuing and future students.

Default is preventable and can be quickly remedied by contacting r accounts representative at the onset of a potential problem. Please remember that future students would like to receive the benefit of a loan as did while attending Howard University. You are required to repay educational loans even if you do not finish your academic program or the program does not meet your expectations. Paying back your debt in a timely fashion will circumvent penalties to the university and to yourself.