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Frequently Asked Questions:
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What is a medical hold and how can I get it removed so that I can register?





Q What is a medical hold and how can I get it removed so that I can register?
A. New entrants, transfer students or former students returning: once you have been accepted to Howard University and have paid your enrollment fee, you are automatically placed on “medical hold” until you satisfy the immunization and tuberculosis screening requirements. Only after satisfying all of the requirements will your medical hold be removed. At this point, you will then be able to register for classes.

Q. How do I send or obtain a copy of my medical records?
A. All medical records are considered confidential. If submitting a copy of your medical records to us, please fax, mail or hand deliver those to:

Howard University Student Health Center
Attn: Medical Records
2139 Georgia Avenue, NW
Suite 201
Washington, DC 20059
Fax #202-806-7416
Put your student identification number (ID @......) on each page of your documents since multiple pages can be separated. Students who wish to request a copy of their medical records must sign an authorization for release of medical information stating what documents they are requesting and what person/agency is to receive the information.

Students wishing to receive a copy of their records for their personal use must submit a written authorization.  Information pertaining to alcohol or other drug dependencies and HIV test results or treatment requires a release specific for that information. That means that you must spell out in your request that you would like to authorize release of that information specifically. All releases must be signed by the patient. For further information, please call 202-806-7540. You can download the Medical Release Form here

Q. Will my visit appear on my school record?
A. No! All visits are strictly confidential and are not part of your academic record. Information in the medical record may only be shared if you sign an authorization to disclose protected health information. No one can access your medical records without your written permission, including University faculty and administration, future employers, roommates, friends or parents. To read more, see Privacy Notice Form

Q. Does the Student Health Center accept medical insurance?
A. Currently, the Student Health Center only accepts the mandatory insurance plan provided by the University. If you have private insurance, upon your request, a statement detailing the services you received will be provided so that you may file a claim with your insurance carrier. Most of the services that you will receive at the Student Health Center are covered under the plan provided by the University and there is no charge. These charges will be added to your student tuition account. Charges that appear on your student tuition account will not list what you medical appointment was for. The Student Health Center cannot accept any cash, personal checks or credit cards at this time. If you are referred to a specialist at the hospital or if you go to the emergency room, let them know if you have additional health insurance and show them your insurance card.

Q. Do I need a referral to see a specialist?
A. In most circumstances a referral is required. You do not need a referral in the following circumstances:






Due to a medical emergency. However, you must return to the Student Health Center for necessary follow-up care;
When the Student Health Center is closed;
When service is rendered at another facility during break or vacation periods;
For medical care received when the student is more than 35 miles from campus;
For medical care obtained when a student is no longer able to use the Student Health Center due to a change in student status;
Dependents are not eligible to use the Student Health Center; and therefore, are exempt from the above limitations and requirements.
Dental Care provided at the College of Dentistry

When a referral is needed, make an appointment to see a health care provider at the student health center (202-806-7540) and discuss your need to see a specialist. If your medical problem cannot be taken care of by the student health provider, you will be referred to a specialist of your choice for further care. It is more economical to use a specialist under the student health insurance network plan. The name of the plan is UnitedHealthCare Student Resources. You may incur more out-of-pocket expenses if you receive care out of the UHC network. To locate a provider under the UHC network, please go to Remember that a referral is needed for every visit to a specialist at the Howard University Hospital

Note that beginning August 1, 2015, United Healthcare will be the student health insurance carrier. Similar concepts apply, that specialists that are in-network are much more economical than those outside of the network. Check out for more details.

Q. Does the Student Health Center have a pharmacy?
A. No. There are several pharmacies within walking distance of all of our campuses that accept most prescription plans.


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