The Department of Surgery consists of twelve (12) surgical divisions with paid full-time and part-time members and faculty who volunteer their time and talents. There are three (3) postgraduate training programs in General Surgery and its subspecialties, which are General Surgery, Podiatry and Orthopedics. In addition, undergraduate medical students complete twelve (12) weeks of surgical training prior to receiving the medical doctor degree.

The residency training program in surgery was initiated on July 1st, 1936 at Freedmen's Hospital by Dr. Edward L. Howes who guided the program through its infancy while it grew from its initial complement of one resident in 1936 to six in 1941. The Department of Surgery is proud of its residency training programs and strives to maintain them at a high level. The Orthopedic surgery training program began in 1951; and the Podiatry training program in 2000. Several hundred residents have been trained in the surgical disciplines since 1936.

The department prides itself on its compassion and caring for each resident who completes the program and each patient served by us. While our goal is to train honest excellent surgeons who will successfully pass the American Board of Surgery exam, we send forth each year honest, compassionate and caring surgeons who put into practice mea culpa and 'equanimity under duress'.