The Mission of the Department of Surgery is to establish, develop, and perpetuate programs of education, service, and research for medical students, post-graduate medical trainees, and fully trained surgeons that will be competetive with other superior American surgical training programs. These programs are especially designed for those surgeons who will teach and/or practice in the United States or international communities. The Department will make this expertise available to all students irrespective of race, creed, sex, or national origin, but will make separate efforts to provide this educational opportunity to students who would otherwise be unable to acquire the education of the type that the Howard University Surgical Program provides. The resources provided through these programs will assist in the solution of human, ethical and social problems of the underserved poor in the Black communities and secondarily, the international community at large, particularly those in developing countries.The Department of Surgery accepts the traditional roles of an academic center to educate students, to serve the community, and to conduct research. In that connection, the Department sets the following goals:
  • To train competent, safe, moral and ethical surgeons
  • To deliver the highest quality of care, state-of-the-art instruction and leadership in surgical matters
  • To sponsor productive and imaginative research not only in broad general areas as cancer, shock etc., but also in areas particularly related to African-American people
  • To recruit a faculty of excellence committed to the surgical maturation of all department members
  • To provide continuing medical education in state-of-of-the art surgical care.