This Program offers four years of training that provide the resident with broad experiences in orthopedic surgery. There are five principal hospitals with over 200 orthopedic beds and 2,900 admissions annually: Howard University Hospital, Providence Hospital, the Veterans' Administration Hospital, Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, and Children's National Medical Center. These hospitals have large outpatient clinics, which afford an opportunity for follow-up and ambulatory care. The rotations are for periods of six months, and each hospital has junior and senior resident positions. These hospitals provide a spectrum of experiences ranging from municipal, Federal, and private community hospitals to a university hospital setting. Residents rotate through these hospitals to complete their training in adult orthopedics, trauma, and children's orthopedic surgery.

The attending staff is extensively involved in teaching. Each participating hospital holds regular conferences. Combined clinical and basic sciences teaching conferences are held three times weekly at Howard University Hospital.