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This page is a campus point-of-reference for self-service Apple/Mac support and resources.

Note: All personal Apple hardware issues will need to be handled either by Apple or another 3rd party.


The PDFs listed below provide information about various functions on Apple products. This list will be updated as content becomes available; if you have suggestions about subject areas to be added, contact the Service Desk.

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to view these files. You can download it here.

Free Apple iOS "Tune-in" Webinars

Apple provides free "how-to" webinars about its mobile devices that use the iOS operating system (iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone) in relation to their educational application.

Webinar Homepage:

Subjects of Interest:

  • Creating Your Own Content - Creation of content can be a valuable education tool for both educators and students. (Wednesdays, 12PM EST)
  • iOS Content and Device Management - A discussion about how iOS devices work with iTunes, how the iPhone Configuration Utility can help restrict some functionality, and also demonstrates some common syncing configurations. (Thursday, 12PM EST)
  • Education App Store Volume Purchase Program - Learn how iOS applications can be purchased by your institution in volume. (Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3PM EST)
  • Planning iOS Device Deployments - Concepts from the week will be used to outline how an example deployment can be planned and worry-free. (Fridays, 12PM EST)
  • Introduction to iOS Products - Learn the basics of iOS devices, including examples of how they are being used in classrooms around the country. (Mondays, 12PM EST)
  • Education Content for iOS Devices - How educational content on the web, in the App Store, in the iBookstore, and on iTunes U, makes iOS devices incredible for teaching and learning in the classroom. (Tuesdays, 12PM EST)